Think Ahead – Choose Organic

How many times have you heard that you need to pull out your teabag from the cup in less than ten minutes, because after that period of time it releases toxins? Even if you haven’t heard that a million times until now, maybe you have thought about that by yourself. If you have, maybe you are transitioning to an organic diet, or you are thinking about that, or maybe you are just curious about your tea. Whatever the reason is, you should know the difference between organic teas and your basic tea, as well as the reasons we should all switch to an organic diet.

Organic Teas

First, you should know that organic food is made without harmful, synthetic chemicals, like pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Your non organic food, as well as tea, contains those chemicals, and can affect your health if used consistently. Some of the health problems you could have are disbalanced hormones, respiratory illness, and even some types of cancer. Here you can really see the meaning of the proverb “you are what you eat”, since a simple change of your habits can affect the quality and the length of your life.

Besides the fact that it can directly affect human health, it can also affect our environment. Since non organic teas are made with the “help” of the pesticides to gain a higher yield, those pesticides and fertilizers will reach the plants, the soil, and also water nearby, so therefore it reaches all of the animals that live in that environment. Negative effects are immeasurable, since everything is connected. Your diet can improve the life of your kids and their generation, or it can make it worse. The choice is yours.