Tilers Place

Doing the tiling in your new home by yourself? It isn’t as easy as it looks, especially after you have gotten the project started. An obvious solution is to go online and start searching for tutorials or articles about what the best tools are and how to use them. You might search step-by-step instructions from manufacturer websites only to find that those are more confusing than they are helpful.

There is a good deal of great information available online. The problem is that there is also a good deal of misinformation online. When it comes to tiling, this is all too true. It is so easy to find a video that teaches you how to tile your bathroom but the video is from a newbie like yourself who doesn’t quite know as much about the process as a real professional.


If you need trustworthy tips and tutorials on the subject of tiling, Tilersplace is for you. This is the best tiling and grout website available. It is curated by a real tiling industry vet who can share specific, useful information with even the newest DIY tiler out there.

The site is recommended by places like Quora and Business Insider and it is full of articles, how-tos, product reviews, and easy-to-follow instructions. Like you, the Tilersplace founder was tired of reading reviews about tiling products by people who never even laid a tile in their lives. Of course, these were people who meant well, but the information that they shared was lacking.

Tilerspacce is written by a man with over 25 years of tiling experience. He has the knowhow and the experience to share useful information that will help you tile your bathroom or whatever other space you like just like a pro without being misled by false or well-meaning but lacking information.