Should I Rent An RV – And Why

We all need a break from the fast-paced modern world – and that is especially true in these stressful times. For many people the opportunities to simply leave their everyday concerns behind and enjoy some time off also includes travel. However, the world we live in has made international travel – especially when it involves stepping aboard an airplane problematic. There are rules and regulations about who may travel – and where they can travel. These restrictions are, in large part, due to the associated with the spread of COVID-19.

However, there are alternatives – and increasingly those looking to break away in the company of friends or family are asking a simple question about their travel choices, and that question is why should I rent an RV?

The answer to that question is increasingly ‘yes’. At least according to ‘peer-to-peer’ (owners rent out their own RV’s) rental company RVshare, which has seen bookings increase by an astounding 650% since the virus started making air travel and public transportation more and more challenging.

Why Should I Rent An RV?

People today prefer to be in control of their own travel plans – rather than using an airline – and they also want to travel with those that they trust. There is also the fact that RV’s allow people to not only travel where they want, when they want, but also that this mode of travel allows groups to overnight in places that are not crowded, which is increasingly attractive. It seems that being isolated is a trend that may be around for some time, especially when the mode of travel (in this case an RV) allows travelers to take in some of the most scenic places in the country.

So if you have asked yourself the question ‘should I rent an RV?’ you have the comfort of knowing that you are certainly not alone – and that a simple ‘yes’ is the key to freedom of movement, the wonders of nature and peace-of-mind.