Home Extensions & More

If you need to make some changes around your home, then you should check out this construction company. You can find a section called building services, and here you can read everything you need to know about needed services. Firstly, we need to remind you that you can get kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, but more about that later. The stars of these services are home extensions and conversions.

Essex Loft Conversions

Essex Loft Conversions are simply magical, where they leave you with more space, more freedom, and more options. How do we start? Well, we need to create a project, and some of the best architects will work on this project. We need to carefully establish the rules that we need to follow, based on previous construction work. With this being said, we can move onto the actual work. We will bring scaffolding and install it around your house. This will give us better access to all parts of the house. Starting with the walls, we will create a skeleton, and then we will focus on isolating all parts of the studio. Apart from isolation, we will also add special insulation to the roof and walls. This means that you will not have any problem with mold or leakage that can appear due to heavy rains.

In the end, what’s left to be done is painting the walls, adding special hardwood flooring, installing windows, and doing other tasks that will complete the project. Get ready to decorate this new place of yours, and we hope that you will have so much fun doing it.